• Patented carriage . This part is unique and the most complicated unit in the store. It moves along vertical and horizontal axes which allows it to access all of the shop shelves. Can carry products up to 3 kg.
  • 19′ touch screen allows the customer to easily make a selection from the products
  • Patented moveable window construction
  • Unique client application design which integrates database access, and payment terminal functionality
  • High speed precise robotic system
  • Service and support
  • Unique robotic product delivery system. 3D robot consists of linear actuators. System is controlled by our PLCs
  • Unique shop storage system
  • Client application, product database, low-level application for control electronic, credit/debit card transaction system
  • Convenience service application allows operator to load/unload store, retrieve data information such as purchase log etc.
  • LED lighting system. Wide moveable window
  • Original solution for advertisement (32′ TV set, video player)
  • High quality aluminium profile which gives us a possibility to design high precision metal construction
  • Large storage capacity – 2.25 m3

You will have access to

  • Direct advertising
  • Sales monitor though purchase log
  • Easy loading and unloading products
  • Fast and easy solutions to products changes
  • Online inventory

features of an automated store, client application design and touch screen monitor