New Project

Design a new automated store to fit your individual company needs
Prototype production and testing in the Automated Store Lab
Automated Store Installation and public testing for two months
Update existing version based on public testing. Series created from new version and installed in multiple locations.

Customize an existing machine

Branding and merchandising plan based on customer requirements
Client application and product database design
Testing client's product dispensing in our automated stores
Installation and Training client personnel & Real-time report system

Software Design

Our software is start-of-the-art in the latest technologies written on a Unix platform. Our software includes our Built-in software in our machine, and our AS Web Server.

Web Server Features

Real-time report system

This system gives the client information about sold products within the past 24 hours, within the past week, and within the past month. It also shows which products are bestsellers, and warns the client when restocking is necessary. Furthermore, the report system gives information about pre-orders, and this system allows the client to track the current state of the machine and warn the operator about any necessary actions (e.g. refilling the printer paper). It also records any machine activity, such as when the operator loads products into the machine.

Database Support

The client can update the database at any time, including updating price, images of the product, product descriptions, etc. At night, the server automatically updates the machine.

Built-in software features


This applications is responsible for machine maintenance, and allows the client to check the full functionality of the machine, such as after being moved from place to place.


This allows the customer to scan information (e.g. QR code, loyalty program card), and allows the machine to scan the product bar code during automated product loading


This application prints receipts.


This application provides RF access to the machine (and if necessary notifies the client about payment, as well as loading/unloading)


This application, through AS GUI, allows customers to select a payment method (cash or credit) and subsequently carries out the purchase.


This is the application which is visible on our touchscreen panel. It allows customers to select a product and make a purchase. It is also responsible for product merchandising.


This application is the system manager. It control the robotic system, and all of the hardware installed in the machine (printer, POS, etc.)