Our current customers

our features

    • Unique robotic product delivery system. 3D robot consists of linear actuators. System is controlled by our PLCs
    • Unique shop storage system
    • Client application, product database, low-level application for control electronic, credit/debit card transaction system
    • Convenience service application allows operator to load/unload store, retrieve data information such as purchase log etc.
    • LED lighting system. Wide moveable window
    • Original solution for advertisement (32′ TV set, video player)
    • High quality aluminium profile which gives us a possibility to design high precision metal construction
    • Large storage capacity – 2.25 m3
our current customers

A1 telekom austria automated retail stores automated vending automated kiosk automation industry

One of the brand – A1 Telekom in Austria – has installed an A-Store in Bahnhof City in the Western Terminal in Vienna. In our Automated Store in Vienna, there several purchases every day.

We have several customers and currently developing credit card transaction systems for the following markets: Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Thailand, Israel, Estonia, Latvia and so on.

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