Automated-Stores R&D

From the beginning we wanted to create a universal machine capable of selling consumer and food products. We built our first machine using the following principles:


We use high-quality, long-lasting German components, including our aluminium profiles and actuators.


No limitations in size. Our patented delivery system allows us to make the store up to 15 meters wide!


We tested our first delivery system using a glass of water. If the water spilled, it wasn’t good enough.

Our mission : to develop an intelligent machine with a human-centered design, bringing people the products that they need when they need them and improving the quality of service in the retail industry

Now, we produce machines for leading brands around the world. We are global leaders in innovation, providing unparalleled machine design and customization to our clients.

Our company's core knowledge and expertise is in the design and engineering of high-quality robotic systems and software development.

Designing and customizing machines is our passion. We are constantly sketching new ideas, and thinking of ways to make our products more exciting and more engaging for our customers.

Most importantly, we would love to hear about your ideas and bring them to our lab. 

Ready to share your ideas with us?

What makes Automated-Stores unique?

Store customization

This is what we truly excel at. We are world innovators in our ability to quickly and easily design any kind of store based on our client requirements.

Software design and development

Including software to operate the robotic system and graphics software for the touch-screen panel.

Design & Development of Metal Construction