What is automated retail?

Technology convergence

Automated retail is a business which combines three technologies: traditional retail, information technology and the automation industry.

Difficulties in traditional retail through retail networks:

• We understand that it isn’t always in a brand’s best interest to sell their products alongside competing products from other brands

• In order to position your product in a large retail network, such as a superstore, the producer must complete a number of steps and sign a contract with retail networks, which usually have the option of cancelling this contract at any time.

Larger brands usually do not place their products in retail networks. Instead, they need to rent space in airports and shopping malls to create their own spaces and their own stores.

We are offering a new way to avoid this difficulty. A direct route from the producer to the customer through a network of automated stores, giving brands the opportunity to access their clients directly through their own automated store network. Each producer can position their brand separately from other competing brands, giving them an advantage above their competitors.


touch screen panel on an automated retail store

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