What can you sell in an automated store?

electronics, perfume, toys, beauty products, cosmetics and games automated retail store unique advanced vending machine

Automated stores can sell products, with maximum dimensions of 300x300x300 mm and maximum weight of 4 kg for the A-Store and 2.5 kg for the Mini A-Store. Those are the only restrictions. An Automated Retail Store spans three square meters, allowing a brand to be present in otherwise unavailable locations due to

space renting costs

sales personnel limitations

location specificity requirements (such as airports, train stations and other public places)

Our Automated Store was developed to be compatible with almost any product possibilities, ranging from the very heavy to the very fragile. Our system includes a conveyer belt, so the product glides smoothly from the shelf to our portable robot, which allows you to retain your original packaging and to transport your product safely to the output box. The physical size of the shelves is adjustable.